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The idea for an organization of African American recreational owners was conceived by a small group of acquaintances in the summer of 1993.  This group arrived at Winton Woods Campground in fifty two (52) rigs.  Five clubs were in attendance, The Buckeye Explorers of Dayton, OH; The Free Rollers and Sunseekers of the Detroit area; Derby City Campers of Louisville, KY; Columbus Camper Club of Columbus, OH, and the host club, The Ohio Buckeye Road Runners of Cincinnati, OH, plus one family from Meridian, MS.


They laid the ground work for that was to become the largest gathering of African American RVers, ever.  Eighty seven recreational vehicles were driven to Belleville ,MI very near "the Motor City". At this historic camp meeting hosted by The Free Rollers and the Sunseekers, our national organization was launched.  The first election of (interim) officers was held and our official name given to us by The Buckeye Explorers of Dayton, OH became "THE NATIONAL AFRICAN AMERICAN RVers ASSOCIATION".

The History of NAARVA

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