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Frequently Asked Questions

I've just join NAARVA... now what's next?

Expect a welcome letter, membership card(s) and contact information to your Regional Director.  Feel free to contact your director with questions or information on upcoming events within your region, such as chapter/club outings.

How do I find a local or nearby chapter to join?

Chapters, sometimes referred to as Clubs are the backbone of NAARVA and are spread out throughout your region. Your Regional Director may be able to assist you in finding a chapter/club near to where you live.   Many members may travel hundreds of miles to participate in their chapter's outings.  After-all, we are a travel/social organization.  Chapters are listed on the region's webpage.

What is a "Member-at-Large" ?

A Member-at-Large is a member of NAARVA, who pays National dues but is not affiliated with a local NAARVA chartered chapter/club. 

How frequent do clubs have outings or camp-outs?

Some clubs have outings monthly, while others may have outings bi-monthly.  The outing schedule is totally left up to the clubs by charter and it can vary from club to club.

Are children and pets welcome at NAARVA events?

Yes... and we encourage you to travel with them.  Many of our members attend rallies with their children or grandchildren and we plan for their enjoyment with kid friendly activities.  Pets are welcome at the RV parks and resorts we frequent.  They must always be on a leash and in your full control when outside of your recreational vehicle at all times.

How do I start a new NAARVA RV club?

To create a charter, start by gathering at least five interested members who share the common goal or interest in RVing. Then, complete a charter registration packet outlining the purpose, goals, structure, and activities of the club. Additionally, develop club bylaws that detail rules, procedures, and governance. Once these documents are completed, submit the charter registration packet and club bylaws to NAARVA for approval.  See instructions for admission into NAARVA as a Charter or Affiliate Chapter of the organization.

What type of RV must I own to join NAARVA?

You are not required to personally own a recreational vehicle; however, you must have access to one.  This means you can rent or borrow one from a friend or family member.  But most of our members travel in their motor homes, travel trailers and 5th wheels.  You can also rent a park model unit if available at the RV park to join in with the NAARVA family at a rally or chapter outing.  Check with the wagon master for availability.

What should I expect while attending a Regional or National Camp Rally?

NAARVA takes pride in presenting itself as a fun, family-oriented organization, made up of RV enthusiasts and travelers.  Longing for the excitement of exploring new and interesting destinations and meeting new friends along the journey.  Our rallies are made up of several days of entertainment ie; live music, parades, food, dancing, health & education seminars, contests, tours of the local communities, prizes, guest speakers, vendors, RV safety workshops, scholarships, ecology projects, socialization and so much more.  Rally location selections always consider the conveniences RVer's most desire  More details can be found in your rally registration packet.

How do I contact a club president for information on their local club?

On the website find the club you're interested in, the club president's contact information should be listed. If not contact the regional director for more information.

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