The NATIONAL AFRICAN AMERICAN  RV'ers Association was founded to promote camping in recreational vehicles as a way of life and as another means for families to have fun and explore the outdoors.  NAARVA Chapters provide members with the opportunities to use their RV's on

monthly, weekend, or short trips gatherings and enables them to meet and interact with other RV'ers that share common interests.

NAARVA is divided into four geographic regions; Central, Eastern, Southern and Western.

  Each Region holds an annual rally in the spring of the year, excluding the region

which is designated to host the National Camp Rally. 

The regions began serving as hosts for the National Annual Camp Rally in the year 2000.  

Since 1993 the National African American RVer's Association has been bringing together friends and families from across the country including Alaska and Canada

for a weekend of fellowship and outdoor fun. 


We are a group of professionals that enjoy travel, fun, food and the RVing lifestyle.  Our organization offers this experience in a clean & safe environment where we meet new RV enthusiast like yourselves and build life-long lasting friendships.



National Headquarters, INC.


614 Chipley Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28205-7002


Phone: (704) 333-3070


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