The National African American RVer's Association purpose is to promote family values, camaraderie and economic development. We also support ecology and education in our efforts to maintain and improve our surroundings & ourselves as we travel.


We know the importance of achieving a college education. That is why NAARVA provides financial assistance to deserving high school graduates in pursuit of a college degree. Applicants must be graduating high school seniors and the child or grandchild of a NAARVA

member in good standing.


 Our Chapters strives to “Save Our Planet”! Choose a project!  Adopt an existing project! Create a new project!  Make sure what you choose can be accomplished by a group and/or individuals, and it can be family friendly and fun. Report project activities to your Region’s Representative.


NAARVA is all about building relationships as our members travel by RV across the country.  NAARVA is open to all,

regardless of race, color, sex, religion, martial status or sexual orientation. Our only requirement is the love of family, fun & the RVing lifestyle.

Camp Rallies have proven to be extraordinary events, providing fun-filled activities, cultural experiences, and hands-on seminars on a variety of topics relating to RVing.  Discovering the newest RVs the industry has to offer is made available by the participation of numerous manufactures and dealers from across the country.


We are a group of professionals that enjoy travel, fun, food and the RVing lifestyle.  Our organization offers this experience in a clean & safe environment where we meet new RV enthusiast like yourselves and build life-long lasting friendships.



National Headquarters, INC.


614 Chipley Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28205-7002


Phone: (704) 333-3070


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